Get involved

Freemasonry instills in its members a moral and ethical approach to life: its values are based on integrity, kindness, honesty and fairness - Click the following link to hear and see why 23 men from different walks of life became Freemasons -

Freemasonry is said to make good men even better and there is no doubt and plenty of evidence to suggest that our members benefit considerably as they develop new life skills that they can put into practice in their work and social lives.

Public speaking within the Lodge is encouraged to help develop confidence and presentation abilities and as Freemasons always work as a team, members can further develop leadership and management skills.

Many feel able and wish to take on additional responsibilities and Freemasonry provides opportunities to be involved with event organisation, charitable fund raising, welfare, the media and much more.

Essex Freemasons are very much part of the local community. As well as providing considerable charitable support, many masons also belong to a wide range of other organisations with similar ideals and aspirations.

As a Freemason, there is no pressure to take on additional responsibilities – and many simply enjoy being part of a very special organisation.

For those up to the challenge or simply like, or want to be part of an organisation that can really make a difference - then Freemasonry has something to offer everyone. So get involved.