Burntwood Lodge 8016


Hutton Masonic Hall ,

Mount Avenue,

CM13 2NS

Burntwood Lodge, No. 8016 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England, was consecrated on 17thNovember 1965 at Chelmsford.  The sponsoring or ‘mother’ Lodge was Lodge of Hope and Unity No 214. There were 18 Founders. These founders were mainly members of the Brentwood Mark Masonry Lodge and stories suggest that they founded Burntwood Lodge to provide candidates for Mark Masonry


Burntwood is the old name for Brentwood and is shown on the Lodge crest by a Stag in a burnt forest or wood.  In medieval times Burntwood was a clearing where pilgrims could rest on their way to Canterbury.  This clearing became the town of Brentwood.

After the Consecration, the Lodge met in Loughton until April 1969 when it moved to Hutton to the Mount Avenue Banqueting Centre, where it still meets now.

The Lodge had no banner until 5th February 1991 when, at a special meeting for the Silver Anniversary of the Lodge, the Banner showing a stag fleeing a burning wood was dedicated by the Provincial Chaplin W.Bro. The Rev D.Mottershead accompanied by the then Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Peter Holland.

Burntwood’s daughter Lodge is Sibelius Lodge No. 9448 which was consecrated in January 1992.

Burntwood Lodge does not have any particular association with a profession or organisation and welcomes members from all walks of life.

Burntwood Lodge meets four times a year at the Hutton Banqueting Suite, Mount Avenue, Hutton, Essex. CM13 2NS on the first Tuesday of the months of April (Installation), June, September, and November.

Burntwood Lodge 8016 has just celebrated it’s Golden Jubilee meeting in November 2015. We have 23 active members currently and we are looking for new people to initiate and also joining members in order to strengthen our core membership. The Lodge workings are Emulation and we have a Lodge of Instruction which meets at Shenfield Village Hall on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month except December.  All brethren are cordially invited to attend.  We are a very friendly and popular Lodge and are count ourselves fortunate in being able to draw many visitors to our 4 meetings per year.

Visit our Lodge web site     http://www.burntwoodlodge.org.uk/