Daylight Lodge of Hutton 9806

Hutton Day

Hutton Masonic Hall ,

Mount Avenue,

CM13 2NS

Daylight Lodge


The Daylight Lodge of Hutton No. 9806 meets at Hutton Masonic Hall, Mount Avenue, Shenfield.  The reasons for forming the Lodge were essentially similar to those of the other Daylight Lodges meeting elsewhere in the Province – to provide for those brethren who no longer wished to venture out at night (a major consideration for the elderly and less mobile) and for those Essex Masons who are retired and eager to enjoy Freemasonry in the daytime in addition to their existing evening Lodges. Our meeting place is a short walk from Shenfield Station and there is adequate on site parking for most occasions.

The Daylight Lodge of Hutton was sponsored by the Essex Hinge of Friendship Lodge and our Warrant issued by Grand Lodge was dated 9th March 2005. The Lodge was consecrated on 22nd August 2005 at Hutton Masonic Hall. It was the final ceremony conducted and presided over by RW Bro. Sir Neil Thorne before his retirement as Provincial Grand Master. There were 137 brethren present including 32 of the 34 Founders. Before concluding the ceremony, Sir Neil conferred the rank of PPJGD on W.Bro. Ian Marshall, the Founding Secretary, and promoted W.Bro. David Lewis, the Founding D.C. to PPJGW. We meet 3 times a year on Wednesdays (commencing at 11am) in March (Installation), September and November.

As it was thought unlikely at the outset that we would conduct degree ceremonies, it was agreed that lectures would be given at our ‘working’ meetings. Our September meetings would be reserved for a distinguished invited guest to give a talk under the auspices of ‘The Albert Simons Memorial Lecture’ in memory of our eminent Founder whose name it bears. Over the years we have enjoyed many interesting talks given by illustrious brethren including R.W. Bro. Col. Sir Neil Thorne, W.Bro. Rodney Bass (as he then was), Col. Mark Smith (an expert on the Antiques Road Show) to name but a few. It was further suggested that a shorter and less formal talk would be given by a member of the Lodge at our November meetings and thanks to many willing volunteers this custom has continued ever since.

Most of our Masters have been previously installed into the Chair of other Lodges and therefore we adopt an abridged version of the Installation ritual which is based on that used at the Essex Provincial Stewards’ Lodge.

 Each summer we hold a joint Sunday lunch when members of the Daylight Lodge and Daylight Chapter are encouraged to bring family and friends.

Usually our members have been honoured with Provincial rank via their mother Lodges, but further progression within those Lodges is not always possible. On their behalf, the Daylight Lodge of Hutton has been pleased to submit brethrens’ names for further promotion or a few cases, a 1st appointment.

The continued growth and success of our Lodge attracted an influx of joining members – indeed many invited guests have enjoyed the friendliness and ambience so much that on the day of their visit they have asked for application forms to join the Lodge! At meetings in 2013 and 2015 we welcomed five new joining members on each of those occasions.

We are proud at having the largest membership of any Daylight Lodge in Essex, currently with 52 members. Our ritual is basically Emulation with a few variations! Ceremonies are carried out with the required formalities but with good humour too.