Round Table Lodge of Essex 8217


Hutton Masonic Hall ,

Mount Avenue,

CM13 2NS


Freemasonry practiced under the English Constitution being thought to have its historical roots in Jerusalem in the reign of King Solomon (nearly 3000 years ago), and the Round Table movement having been founded in Norwich by Rotarian Louis Marchesi as recently as 1927, there will be understandable curiosity as to the origins of their relationship.

Members of Round Table must be at least 21 years of age and must retire at 45 (originally it was at 40). Louis Marchesi believed that there was much to be said for an organisation which would accept only young men into its ranks. 

The Aims and Objects which bind Round Table members are complementary to those of Freemasonry. It follows, therefore, that Round Tablers seeking continued friendship on retirement or even whilst in Round Table, make ideal candidates for Freemasonry.

The Round Table Lodge of Essex was originally formed in 1968, by a group of Freemasons who were members of Wickford and West Ham Round Tables.

Up until 2011, membership consisted of past or current members of Round Table, maintaining close links with the ethos of Round Table. Today, the Lodge is open to man from all walks of life, and who hold strong morals, enjoy socialising and meeting new friends.

The Round Table Lodge of Essex was the first Round Table Lodge to be consecrated in the Province of Essex and there are now five Round Table Lodge’s in Essex. These five Lodge’s hold cluster meetings annually, which is a great way of meeting new friends and reacquainting with old mates. These events are hosted by a different Lodge each year, with the Lodge organising the theme of the evening.

Our Lodge holds an annual golf day and guests are invited, this gives everyone a chance to meet up with old friends and a chance to meet new friends as well. There is the Beer and Curry night, which is normally held in Billericay. We also have a fun walk day, with our wives/partners and families for a gentle fun walk, followed by lunch and cold & hot drink afterwards.

Our Lodge meet four times during the year, which are in the months of February, April, October and November. These meetings are held at the Mount Avenue Banqueting Suite in Shenfield. We also meet on Monday evenings from early September, through to April (Iexcluding December) to practice and rehearse our ceremonies, followed by a customary pint or two at the local pub.

If you are interested in Freemasonry and would like to find out more about the Round Table Lodge of Essex, please contact Paul Kelly at