Sibelius Lodge 9448


Hutton Masonic Hall ,

Mount Avenue,

CM13 2NS


The Sibelius Lodge meeting on 30th January 2017, celebrates, twenty-five years since Consecration, the meeting, is to be a white table meeting, celebrating the 25th anniversary. Lodge meetings are held at The Hutton Banqueting suit, Hutton Masonic Hall, Mount Avenue, Hutton, Essex, CM13 2NS, on Mondays, with the Lodge of Instruction being held at The County Hotel. Chelmsford, Essex.

The history of the Lodge is to be found on the Lodge website  which sets out the involvement of the founders, and the reason that the Lodge became known as Sibelius. Sibelius Lodge has an active membership of forty-one brethren and a number of active Honorary members. Our meetings are regularly attended by twenty plus visitors to witness a healthy number of young candidates being Initiated.

The Lodge membership has an average age of fifty, and continues to actively enlist younger candidates.  Alternate years during January, the Lodge holds a special meeting to celebrate Burns night, the 2016 meeting was attended by one hundred and twelve brethren. At present the Lodge has several candidates waiting to be Initiated, and has been forced by success to ask other local Essex Lodges to carry out a number of ceremonies.

Sibelius Lodge is known for its generosity, and has donated tens of thousands of pounds to a number of worthwhile charities, and at the moment is on course to make a significant donation, to The Province of Essex 2022 festival appeal, from its Relief Chest. After twenty-five years four of the Lodge founders regularly attend Lodge meetings along with one of the Consecrating team, W. Bro. Alan Croucher who is now an Honorary member.  The remaining founders are in agreement that the progress the Lodge has achieved during the first twenty-five years has exceeded expectations