Message from the Provincial Grand Master

Welcome to the website for Freemasonry in the Province of Essex, I hope you will find something of interest within our pages.


The Grand Lodge of England was founded in 1717 and is widely regarded as the Principal Grand Lodge in the world. There is no international organization as such, but a system of mutual recognition by sovereign Grand Lodges operates successfully. Essex is the fourth largest province in England and Wales with more than 300 Lodges and 10,000 members.

Freemasonry offers its members an approach to life which seeks to reinforce thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in society and fairness in all things. Members are urged to regard the interests of the family as paramount but importantly Freemasonry also teaches and practices concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need.

Although not our principal activity, charity forms an important part of Freemasonry and enables us to offer support in many cases of need. Whilst only collecting money at our own functions and not from the public in general, Masonic charities distribute millions of pounds each year to non-Masonic causes.

At the same time as contributing to both national and local charities, we in Essex have a very special charity called ´Teddies for Loving Care´ which provides a constant supply of colourful Teddy Bears to all Accident and Emergency units throughout the county. This scheme was started in March 2001 and has now spread to 34 Masonic Provinces in England and Wales. To-date we have donated over 1.25 Million teddies to sick and injured children.

Membership is open to men of all faiths who are law-abiding, of good character and who acknowledge a belief in a supreme deity. I am delighted that Freemasonry continues to attract men of goodwill from all sectors of the community.